The 2013 Global Herbicide Resistance Challenge Conference looks forward to welcoming:

Hugh Beckie, Canada

Dr Hugh Beckie is an Adjunct Professor in the Department of Agricultural, Food and Nutritional Science at the University of Alberta, and has also been employed as a Research Scientist with Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada since 1992. His research program deals with monitoring, risk assessment and management of herbicide-resistant weeds as well as impact assessment of crops with novel traits.


Roberto Busi, Australia

Dr Roberto Busi is a Research Assistant Professor at the University of Western Australia (UWA), and conducts research on the evolution of herbicide resistance traits in agricultural weeds, and climate change with the Australian Herbicide Resistance Initiative (AHRI). Over the past six years, Dr Busi’s research has focused on the impact of using herbicides at below-label doses (low rates), and in a world first, he established that persistent use of the pre-emergent Sakura (pyroxasulfone) at sub-optimal rates can lead to rapid resistance evolution in annual ryegrass.


Franck Dayan, USA

Dr Franck Dayan is a Research Plant Physiologist at the Natural Products Utilization Research Unit with the United States Department of Agriculture, USA where he is an expert on herbicide mode of action and evolution of resistance.


--- Franck Dayan

Christophe Délye, France

Dr Christophe Délye is a research scientist at INRA (the National Institute of Agronomic Research in France) in Dijon. Dr Délye is the only scientist working on herbicide resistance in France, and handles all aspects of herbicide resistance research in the country.


Todd Gaines, Germany

Dr Todd Gaines is a Postdoctoral Research Associate at the University of Western Australia (UWA). In late 2011 he accepted a position with Bayer CropScience as a postdoctoral research scientist at their research facility in Frankfurt, Germany.


Jerry Green, USA

Dr Jerry Green is a weed scientist in the DuPont Pioneer Ag Biotechnology group at Stine-Haskell Research Center in Newark, Delaware, USA. He has published extensively on sulfonylurea herbicides, the optimisation of herbicide mixtures, adjuvants, and herbicide formulations. Dr Green’s research currently focuses on the discovery and development of new herbicide-resistant crops that can be used in sustainable weed management systems.


Tim Hawkes, UK

Dr Tim Hawkes is based at Syngenta Ltd., Jealott’s Hill, Bracknell, in England and leads a group of biochemists and molecular biologists working on weed control solutions.  



Ian Heap, USA

Dr Ian Heap is an Australian weed scientist, currently residing in Corvallis, Oregon. He is the director of the "International Survey of Herbicide-Resistant Weeds".


--- Ian Heap

Shiv Shankhar (Deepak) Kaundun, UK

Dr Shiv Shankhar (Deepak) Kaundun is the lead herbicide resistance biologist for Syngenta. He joined the company in May 2002 and is based at their research station at Jealott’s Hill, Bracknell, UK. He won the Syngenta Science and Technology Award in 2005 and was promoted to Syngenta Fellow in 2011.


--- Dr Shiv Shankhar (Deepak) Kaundun

Bernd Laber, Germany

Bernd Laber is the leader of the Enzymology laboratory at the Weed Control Biology Department of Crop Protection Research of Bayer CropScience AG, Germany. 


--- Dr Bernd Laber

Rick Llewellyn, Australia

Dr. Rick Llewellyn is a Farming Systems Scientist and Research Group Leader with CSIRO based in South Australia. His research bridges farming systems field research, economics and understanding technology adoption.


--- Rick Llewellyn

Chanya Maneechote, Thailand

Dr Chanya Maneechote is a senior expert in Weed Science at Department of Agriculture, Ministry of Agriculture and Co-operatives, Thailand. Her research work focuses on herbicide-resistant weeds in rice.



Paul Neve, UK

Dr Paul Neve’s research focuses on understanding the ecological and evolutionary factors that underpin the evolution of herbicide resistance. With international collaborations in North America, Australia and across Europe, Dr Neve was recently appointed Chair of the European Weed Research Society’s working group on herbicide resistance, and also onto their Scientific Committee.


Jason Norsworthy, USA 
CAWS Orator

Dr Jason Norsworthy is noteworthy for his research in resistance management practices for many of the resistant prone weeds in the United States. He has been awarded the prestigious Council of Australasian Weed Societies (CAWS) Orator at the Global Herbicide Resistance Conference.


Stephen Powles, Australia
Conference Convener     

Professor Steven Powles is renowned for foreseeing the problem of herbicide resistance and pioneering herbicide resistance science nationally and internationally. He was recently elected to the Australian Academy of Science, and is the Director of the Australian Herbicide Resistance Initiative (AHRI).



Chris Preston, Australia

A former winner of the GRDC’s Seed of Light Award for research communication; The Council of Australasian Weed Societies’ Medal for Leadership; and the South Australian Weed Management Society’s Award for Excellence, Dr Chris Preston speaks frequently to farmer groups, industry and at scientific conferences on weed and resistance management across much of Australia. 


Michael Renton, Australia

Dr Michael Renton is an Associate Professor at The University of Western Australia. His research involves the computational simulation of ecological processes in agricultural and natural ecosystems.


Doug Sammons, USA

Dr Doug Sammons is a Senior Fellow at the Monsanto Co, St. Louis Missouri with a career focused on understanding the MOA of glyphosate in weeds and glyphosate-resistant crops.



Dale Shaner, USA
Concluding Speaker

Dr Dale Shaner is a Plant Physiologist and Weed Scientist at the Agricultural Research Service, US Department of Agriculture (USDA-ARS). His area of expertise includes the detection and management of herbicide resistant weeds, and the effects of soil moisture on herbicide binding, dissipation and movement.


David Thornby, Australia 

Dr David Thornby is a Senior Research Scientist with the Queensland Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry. Dr Thornby works as a computer modeller on herbicide resistance projects in sub-tropical north-eastern Australian grains and cotton cropping.


Patrick Tranel, USA

Dr Patrick Tranel’s research program uses molecular and genomics tools to address weed science issues, and has contributed to understanding the evolution and underlying mechanisms of resistances to herbicides in numerous weed species. Dr Tranel has been invited as a keynote speaker to address HPPD and PS2 herbicide resistance at the Global Herbicide Resistance Conference to be held in Fremantle in February 2013.


Martin Vila-Aiub, Argentina

Dr Martin Vila-Aiub is a visiting Research Associate Professor at the Australian Herbicide Resistance Initiative (AHRI), a research group based at the University of Western Australia (UWA). His research program comprises novel academic training and experimentation on the role of factors involved in the evolutionary ecology of herbicide resistance in weeds.


Michael Walsh, Australia

Dr Michael Walsh is a Research Associate Professor at the University of Western Australia (UWA), working with the Australian Herbicide Resistance Initiative (AHRI) team. He is leading a collaborative project that has resulted in one of the most anticipated weed control technologies in Australian agriculture, the Harrington Seed Destructor. After six years of research and development, this new weed control technology has now progressed to commercial production.


Terry Wright, USA

Dr Terry Wright is Associate Director (Research and Development) in Intellectual Property Portfolio Development at Dow AgroSciences in Indianapolis, Indiana. As a co-recipient of Dow’s Excellence in Science Award, and the recipient of the AGROW award for Best Novel Agricultural Biotechnology, Dr Wright continues to seek innovative solutions to meet today’s agricultural challenges.



Qin Yu, Australia


Dr Qin Yu is a Research Associate Professor at The University of Western Australia (UWA)  researching  the biochemical and molecular basis of herbicide resistance with the Australian Herbicide Resistance Initiative (AHRI) research group. Dr Yu’s expertise also includes environmental stress, plant physiology and biochemistry.